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I am very grateful for the support that tenant defense gave me because thanks to them I was able to receive financial compensation …

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After living 10 years the owner gave us an eviction notice even though we had a contract with no expiration date …

You must be Very Attentive and look for eviction lawyers in Los Angeles:

Act immediately with eviction attorneys in Los Angeles if you have an eviction notice or if the landlord wants to evict you, because if you do not respond, the Landlord will enter DEFAULT JUDGMENT and eventually the SHERIFF will come to close your door and you will not be able to take your things. .

Remember that after receiving the eviction complaint, you have only 5 days to respond.



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Count on our experience, our LOS ANGELES EVICTION LAWYERS, We have professionals here for eviction defense cases in Los Angeles and they know the rights of a tenant very well. We also provide free legal help for eviction defense cases in los angeles. If you do not know the rights of tenants in California, contact us and we will help you solve or have a tenant lawyer, the rules and laws provide protection to the tenant.


Tenants (called landlords) have legal rights. You have these legal rights after reaching a tenancy agreement, whether in writing or not. You also have these rights of a tenant even though:

  • Don’t have a written rental agreement.
  • Waive your rights by means of a written document.
  • The owner knows that you have given them up.



The landlord cannot take any of these actions. It is totally illegal for the landlord to carry out an eviction by force or force. The landlord must have a court order before proceeding with any type of eviction. If the landlord tries to evict you in an irregular manner by cutting off services such as water, electricity, entrances, he is violating the law and if you file a lawsuit and take him to court requesting help quickly and immediately, the court is empowered to stop the eviction and ask the landlord to pay for the value of the losses in addition to the costs you incur in court if you have a tenant attorney and you win the case the landlord may also pay the attorney’s fees.


 Eviction will depend on whether you have a written lease or are a voluntary tenant. If you have a written lease, the landlord probably must have a reason why they want to evict you. This also applies if you have subsidized housing or if you own a trailer in a mobile home neighborhood. If you are that volunteer tenant and do not have a written rental or lease agreement, the landlord could evict you without giving any reason. However, he has to give you an advance term of 30 days.


Yes indeed. The owner will give you a notification depending on the type of contract you have if it is a written contract (lease) or you are a tenant at will. If you have a written lease: If you do not comply with the main obligations of the contract, the landlord can evict you for «material violation» of the contract. This refers especially to the payment for rent, bothering other tenants of the place, therefore you must not cause serious damage to the property, or violate any other «material» clause of the contract. Review your contract so that you are attentive to know exactly what your obligations are. You have all the rights if the owner materially violates the contract. If you are in breach of the contract or have «materially violated» it, the landlord can give you an eviction notice days in advance. The notice must tell you that you have your right to contest or challenge the eviction in court.

  • 1. Comply with all housing rental agreements and against any claims that may arise.

  • 2. Keep the place of the apartment as neat, clean and safe as possible, including all the services provided by the landlord.

  • 3. Leave and / or put the garbage in the appropriate containers provided by the landlord and / or provided by the owner.

  • 4. Provide all the services of the place (such as roads, patios, elevator, laundry place, heating among others) in a responsible manner.

  • 5. Do not spoil, or destroy a property that belongs to the home, or let other people give them the same if any of these things suffers some type of damage by a relative, friend, partner, etc. You are in the duty of paying to the owner for damages.

  • 6. Maintain tranquility and do not disturb your neighbors with parties, loud music, disorder or acts that inconvenience the other tenants and the owner, nor allow anyone who your guests to do so.

  • 7. Be obedient to the landlord’s regulations provided that it is within a reasonable scope and that it addresses all tenants in the same way and that everyone is aware of all these guidelines.

  • 8. Keep your rent payment as timely as possible, even if your place of residence needs repairs and or some improvements, unless the court tells you otherwise.

  • 9. Allow the owner to enter your apartment and / or home, if circumstances require.


  1. Comply with all health and seriousness consciences so that the property, the studios and the common areas are safe. Common areas are, for example, the attack trail, courtyard, atriums, and laundry exhibits.
  2. Make all the necessary amendments so that your accommodation is suitable so that you can reside with peace of mind.
  3. Keep the electrical appliances and connections, plumbing, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and other services provided by the owner in good working order for your peace of mind.
  4. Provide containers to deposit garbage and ensure that they are taken by public cleaners.
  5. Provide heating, cold water and hot water. (The landlord can require you to pay for gas, fuel, electricity, and water.)


If the landlord does not do one or more of these things, you have the right to lodge a complaint with your municipality’s rental enforcement agency. If the owner does not make the corrections after having raised his concern, he can sue you, pay the rent to the siege and ask for a refund on retirement.




The rules for tenants must be the same, a landlord cannot rent you an apartment or house if you do not demonstrate the necessary possibilities to pay the rent or you were previously evicted for causing damages or not complying with the rent payment or if you violate some clauses of the housing regulations or they do not accept pets (unless you are disabled and need the guidance of an animal or pet. An owner may ask for references and provide a guarantee deposit or advance rents in addition to being able to submit to an investigation of police and criminal records.

Why do we represent tenants especially with our Eviction Attorneys?

The housing problems and the conditions that are established are a big problem in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California to this is added the ignorance of a tenant; for that reason we focus on tenants as we are committed to them to enforce their rights as tenants. Our team provides extensive advice for the solution to the inconveniences that are presented to individuals and families who are being evicted or are in the process of eviction if you find yourself in this situation a lease or rental contract is drawn up in accordance with the laws Of California ; the fact that something is not agreed should not be a reason to evict you. Many disputes between owners and tenants over security deposits end up being illegally held or tenants are evicted. To all this, together with our team we help you solve the problems that arise and if that were not the case we can solve the case.


Eviction Defense:

If at any time the owner of the property sends you a document or notice to stop certain habits such as smoking, etc. or any action to evict you or worse tries to make you detain illegally, urgently seek help to enforce your rights.

Tenant Rights Presentations:

Tenant Presentations Offered to Tenant Groups Some nonprofit organizations and other community groups schedule a presentation for free on behalf of tenant rights on legal aid services for the stability ordinance on a rental, before the owners and their responsibilities as such, responsibilities and rights of a tenant. You must file a complaint with government organizations, putting the dangers of lead, pests among others. Contact us to help them.

Homes that are in Bad Condition:

If you as a tenant are living in a property which has several units or spaces in inferior conditions, for example pests, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, walls and ceilings, please call us, you should not live in those conditions.

Lead Remediation Program:

If you and your family are living in a property that was built before 1978 in which the paint is peeling and you have children under 6 years of age, you qualify for free lead abatement services and care in the house.