1.Immediate Action Against Eviction

Once the request is received, you have 5 days to respond.

We help to report the defects of the Property that the owner does not want to repair to entities such as the City of Los Angeles.

2. Proper Negotiation with the Owner of the Apartment or Home.

We get your record Sealed and you can maintain your good credit and rent elsewhere without inconvenience.

We ensure that you have the necessary time so that you can move if it is the case.

3. Infestation of Cockroaches, Bedbugs or some insect, Rodent that affects your Health.

The owner’s obligation is to keep the home or apartment free from all types of insects, rodents, bugs, cockroaches, among others, that affect their health.

If the homeowner or apartment does not remove this plate, you can file a claim for damages against you.

4.Emergency Cuts: You can see the Judge the Same Day

If you have not been properly notified about your eviction, and have not been able to attend court and sea for an emergency reason of any kind, or because you never knew you were being removed and found out why an Sheriff’s letter you must have 5 days to vacate, you have the right to request the right to the Judge immediately.

If you have a home and the landlord lost the property to the Bank’s foreclosure and you were not notified of the property loss and you learned of the Sheriff’s notice, you need to see the judge immediately.