Marcus Gomez

Attorney Marcus Gomez has a lot of experience defending tenants and knows landlord and tenant laws (Landlord Tenant Law). Attorney Marcus was admitted to the California Bar on November 29, 1979, has more than 40 years of experience defending tenants, he knows the laws that protect tenants.

His extensive experience defending tenants in Los Angeles California makes him respect your rights as a tenant, he knows what it is like to live in an apartment and he knows how the owners abuse the tenants and take advantage of the little education of our community, the lawyer Marcus Gomez and his Associates will represent you in court either for an eviction defense or in a civil lawsuit against the landlord when the landlord uses illegal eviction techniques or refuses to keep the apartment or unit in livable condition, he knows you should not live in a property that is unavailable, infested with pests or is mistreated by the owner or Landlord. Marcus gomez

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